Linnea Mills headshot

Linnea Mills

Linnea works as a freelance researcher and writer. For the past decade, she has conducted research related to international development and written reports for a number of NGOs, think tanks, intergovernmental organisations, and academics. Organisations include the OECD, International Budget Partnership, Global Integrity, Overseas Development Institute, and Transparency and Accountability Initiative.

She has conducted research on various governance-related topics, including transparency and accountability, international aid, corruption, illicit financial flows, political finance, and African politics.

Linnea was awarded a PhD from the London School of Economics, Government Department, on the topic of corruption in sub-Saharan Africa. She also has advanced degrees in Economics and Development Studies.

Linnea is skilled in various qualitative and quantitative research methods, including text analysis, interviews, regression analysis, survey analysis, and data visualisation through graphs, as well as research design. She also has experience in project evaluation and policy assessment. She works in English, French, Spanish and the Scandinavian languages.

As a person, Linnea is conscientious, responsible, and accommodating.