Using coffee pulp waste as a food source

Coffee Flour

Friday, September 22, 2017

Every year, an estimated 21 billion kilograms of coffee pulp waste is produced as a by-product of coffee milling operations. This waste often ends up in landfills, producing carbon emissions as it rots, and leaching mycotoxins into the groundwater and streams. Coffee Flour™ aims to eliminate this problem while at the same time improving economic opportunities and nutrition in coffee-growing communities across the globe.

Coffee Flour uses coffee pulp waste to produce a nutritionally-dense flour, a partial substitute for more traditional flours like wheat and maize. The pulp is gathered in centralised wet-processing mills where the beans are separated from the coffee cherry. After drying at the coffee mill, the pulp is then ground into flour at a flour mill. With a strong nutritional profile, including fibre, calcium, iron, and potassium, Coffee Flour has the potential to fortify maize, wheat, rice or other flours, by substituting up to 30% of the base flour.

As a product that is locally-grown and produced, Coffee Flour has the potential to be utilised by local food manufacturers and retailers along the value chain, boosting local economies and providing consumers with access to an inexpensive, nutritious food source. By using a product that would otherwise be discarded and wasted, this strategy is also environmentally-friendly.

The potential global supply of Coffee Flour is approximately 3 billion kilograms, which is similar to the cocoa market. By partnering with coffee producers ECOM and Mercon, Coffee Flour have secured a stable supply of dried pulp, and are now planning to expand their market presence globally, including select origin countries.

Coffee Flour aims to change the practices of players along the coffee value chain, enabling them to take care of their waste, building resilience amongst the smallholder farmers.

If you’d like to collaborate with Coffee Flour or learn more, please contact Dan Belliveau at [email protected]

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