Photo: Asian Development Bank/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

SafeSchools: Nepal


The #SafeSchools campaign highlights the tragic consequences for children who are exposed to trafficking, early marriage and child labour because their education is neglected in the aftermath of an emergency.

This virtual reality documentary film transports the viewer to Nepal, to see and hear from children affected by the 2015 earthquake. "You can't fail to be moved by their resilience and determination to return to school and escape the layers of exploitation," says Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld.

You can't fail to be moved by their resilience and determination

The 360-degree video and audio immerses the viewer in the aftermath of the earthquake and shows the reality of the education emergency for a generation of children in Nepal.

The film is collaboration between digital agency Rain and Theirworld. Rain partnered with Christian Stephen, the award-winning conflict journalist, and VEHICLEvr , the virtual reality arm of The Uprising Creative, to bring the film to life. Designed to be watched on any VR device or headset, the film can also be viewed on desktop and mobile platforms like YouTube 360.

Jeff Nicholas, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director at The Uprising Creative and VEHICLEvr, said virtual reality was the only medium that could have done this content justice: "VR offers a deeply intimate method of storytelling that creates a unique connection with the viewer. It's the perfect medium for this kind of story, touching hearts and minds in a way that is only rivaled by actually visiting Nepal in person."

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