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Live stream platform to turn viewers into activists


Mobil-Eyes Us uses live streamed video to connect people with the causes they care about, and to inspire action.

Disempowered viewers

Live streaming is being used more and more to capture human rights abuses, social injustices and emergencies as they happen. However, many people feel disempowered after witnessing these incidents in this way. Beyond donating money or signing a petition, they do not feel there is anything they can do to help.

Inspiring action

Mobil-Eyes Us aims to offer people meaningful ways to take action in response to live streamed content. This initiative is being developed by WITNESS to transform people from passive viewers into active witnesses.

The project aims to combine three different technologies:

  • Live streaming – to allow social injustices to be recorded
  • Task-routing – to allow people to provide help from afar
  • Mobile phones – to match people's skills to specific needs. For example, connecting lawyers with people requiring advice about a forced eviction or protest.

Connecting people who care

The Mobil-Eyes Us platform will allow people to indicate which issues matter most to them, as well as the skills they can offer. This information will enable them to be matched with a relevant incident so that they can provide assistance. The initiative aims to turn people’s engagement with footage into action. Using live streaming in this way will also help hold the people who commit human rights abuses to account.

What next?

Two prototypes have now been developed and the Mobil-Eyes Us concept is still being tested. WITNESS is also exploring some of the challenges associated with live streaming, such as privacy and the safety of people filming.

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