Empowering smallholders and consumers using telecommunications

Telanor Mobile Agriculture

Friday, September 22, 2017

Telenor Mobile Agriculture aims to empower smallholders and consumers through the use of telecommunications.

Research done by Telenor Pakistan, the Pakistani branch of Norwegian telecommunications provider Telenor Group, highlighted four major challenges affecting the food production and nutrition intake of farmers in Pakistan:

  • Limited access to agriculture information
  • Limited (or no) access to financial services
  • Limited access to market
  • Supply chain inefficiencies

Consumers face challenges around availability, quality, and affordability of food products. With a two-phase programme, Telenor Pakistan aims to eliminate the challenges for both smallholders and consumers.

Khush’haal Zamindar (Prosperous Farmer) is a voice-based, free to use value-added service launched in December 2015, which offers access to weather forecast and agronomic advisory information. Smallholders are provided contextualised, localised, customised advice, in their own language, which helps them to increase both the yield and the nutritional value of their produce. Farmers have access to daily weather forecasts, a livestock and agricultural advisory service, and a weekly live question and answer session, all of which aim to improve smallholder knowledge and practice. The second part is to provide access to the nutritious food produced for urban consumers – the idea is still being worked on.

Currently four million farmers in Pakistan are using Prosperous Farmer to improve their agricultural behaviour. Telenor is working on making Khush’haal Zamindar sustainable in the Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan provinces of Pakistan before expanding it to reach to other parts of the country. The ambition from 2020 onwards is to help take the platform global to impact smallholder farmers on a global scale.

If you’d like to collaborate with Telenor or learn more, please contact Obaid at [email protected]

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