Photo: Kristof Vadino/Doctors of the World


Mapping free medical clinics for refugees

Doctors of the World

Almost 200,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean so far this year in a bid to find safety away from conflict and violence in Syria, Afghanistan and beyond.

Having arrived in Europe, they must then embark on difficult and unpredictable journeys, marked with health risks at every stage. Whether on the move or living in a refugee camp, getting treatment for infections, injuries and chronic illnesses such as diabetes can be a major challenge.

In response to this ongoing problem, Doctors of the World have developed ClinicFinder – the first mobile-web application of its kind – to help refugees find the right healthcare. Easily accessible on a smartphone, it provides users with clear information about free medical clinics and services available to them in 16 countries including France, Germany, Hungary and Greece.

ClinicFinder is designed with vulnerable refugees in mind

The web app, designed by Daniel Yu, CEO of Reliefwatch, uses GPS to map free health clinics and the services that can be accessed. It allows refugees to search by location and by specific service required, be that sexual health and contraception, healthcare for victims of violence, or psychological support. It can also be used as a clinic directory for health professionals, and is currently available in English, Arabic, Farsi and French.


There are already over 100 health clinics mapped on ClinicFinder, and the site encourages people to add the locations of other clinics which are free to access and non-government provided. Since launching in February, the app has had over 6,000 views.

"ClinicFinder is designed with vulnerable refugees in mind," said Gareth Walker, International Programme Manager at Doctors of the World UK. "It provides a resource for them to find the free medical help that the European public has made available. It is a map of humanitarian effort, and deserves to be shared as widely as possible."