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Brexit brings challenges, opportunities and unanswered questions for those working in international development and the UK at large.

This hub brings together useful resources, views and the latest news on Brexit to help you understand and navigate this time of uncertainty. 

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News and views from Bond

Emergency food, drinking water and shelter to help people displaced in Rakhine State, western Burma.
Bond's new research explores the different development and humanitarian opportunities and challenges for the UK and the EU post-Brexit.
21 July 2017
UK CSOs need mitigation strategies to survive a possible shortfall in EU annual funding as high as €356.9 million, shows Bond's new research.
19 July 2017
The government's announcement to continue duty-free market access for developing countries post-Brexit means some of the poorest countries will be able to improve their competitiveness.
6 July 2017

Brexit resources, news and views

Brexit, Trump and the implications for development

Amid the rise in right-wing populism and increasingly isolationist policies, guest speakers examine the possible causes and implications for conflict and security, trade, migration and social justice around the world.

IDS 23 February 2017

A manifesto for a Greener UK

This is a pivotal moment for the environment. We need to secure the benefits of existing environmental laws as we leave the EU, and an ambitious Environment Act, which restores our natural commonwealth.  

Greener UK 22 February 2017

EU registration options for NGOs: Preparing UK-based NGOs for Brexit

This publication explores the options for registration as an NGO or social enterprise in five countries in Europe to help organisations decide which may be most suitable for them. 

Advocates for International Development 13 February 2017

UK unprepared for exiting Europe's green legislation, says Lucas

Green MP Caroline Lucas says 1,100 pieces of environmental law need to be moved on to UK statute books before Britain leaves EU

The Guardian 13 February 2017

Beyond Brexit: Time for a “British Trade Promise” on Free Trade Access

Having emphasised trade at the heart of its economic strategy on international development, the UK's trade policy now needs to commit to providing “duty free quota free” access for developing countries.

Center for Global Development 2 February 2017

White Paper: The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union

The Government have published their White Paper on Brexit, which includes approaches to immigrations, workers' rights and trade. 

HM Government 2 February 2017

The potential impact of Brexit on UK International Development

Dr Patrick Holden explores the European Union's role as the major global aid and trade partner of developing countries and how to ensure they do not suffer post Brexit.

Plymouth University 1 February 2017

Inquiry launched into UK gender laws amid fears over Brexit effect

A major review into the UK’s gender discrimination laws is to be launched amid fears a potential post-Brexit move towards a lower regulation economy could see protections eroded.

The Guardian 30 January 2017

Trade and developing economies: a post-Brexit blueprint

This panel event discusses the options for new UK and EU trade policies after Brexit and how these might affect the development of African economies.

ODI 23 January 2017