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International aid forms an important part of a complex set of international development interventions that aim to lift people out of poverty and support countries to become self-sustaining.

This hub brings together the most useful aid resources to support those wanting to stand up for aid, and it gathers the latest news and views about international aid.

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Aid resources

DevCommsLab is a site for people who want to play a part in improving public engagement with global poverty. You can find insights which will help you to understand audiences, encourage people to take action and influence people’s attitudes.
1 July 2017
Development Monitor
Development Monitor provides data on key bilateral financial flows between the UK and individual developing countries.
29 June 2017
UK aid - flight lands in Philippines
Using a Q&A format, this briefing provides an introduction to the UK’s aid programme and some of the activities flowing from it around the world.
16 June 2017
A video thanking supporters of international development NGOs.
1 June 2017
UK Aid
A collection of images to be used on social media to support UK aid.
11 May 2017
Global Britain and Ending Malaria infographic
This report sets out the economic, social and welfare impacts of malaria on the UK.
25 April 2017

Aid news and views from Bond

Stack of newspapers
Research suggests how to break through anti-international development rhetoric to reach a sceptical public.
29 November 2017
Children at Thep Mission School in Jonglei state, South Sudan benefit from DFID’s Education for All Programme
A new report from the International Development Committee sets out a plan for how the UK could help close the education funding gap, increase access to education and improve quality.
21 November 2017
UK aid delivery
New statistics show that the UK provided £13.4bn of ODA in 2016, meeting the 0.7% aid spending commitment.
20 November 2017

Aid in brief

Improving the way the aid budget is spent

Mark Goldring, CEO of Oxfam, writes that those of us who champion aid must also recognise the media has a valuable role to play in holding us and the government to account and pushing us to up our game. 

New Statesman 23 December 2016

16 things young people can celebrate from 2016

Restless Development share the achievements from 2016 that young people can celebrate, including the Department for International Development's first Youth Agenda. 

Restless Development 21 December 2016

This is what 7.6 million of you achieved in 2016

ONE take a look at the achievements made by their offices around the world in 2016, including the work of Youth Ambassadors to defend the overseas aid of European countries. 

ONE 20 December 2016

Moments to celebrate in 2016

Despite the negative events that have sometimes dominated the news this year, there is still much to celebrate. Here are some of the things VSO volunteers, partners and supporters have achieved in 2016. 

VSO 19 December 2016

Putting flesh on the bones of the new UK Aid Strategy

A summary and review of four recent DFID policy papers - the Research Review, the Civil Society Partnership Review, the Bilateral Development Review, and the Multilateral Development Review.

Simon Maxwell 16 December 2016

8 ways you made the world a better place in 2016

MercyCorps show some of the impacts that their aid work has had in 2016, helping 30 million people and planting the seeds of lasting change in communities across the globe.

MercyCorps 14 December 2016

The lifesaving power of cash

MercyCorps outline how the emergency assistance of cash and cash vouchers have helped to tackle the hunger crisis across the Lake Chad Basin. 

MercyCorps 12 December 2016

DFID Civil Society Partnership Review

The Scotland Malawi Partnership welcomes the publication of DFID’s Civil Society Partnership Review and is in broad support of report’s findings, its tone and content.

Scotland Malawi Partnership 7 November 2016

ActionAid statement on the Civil Society Partnership Review

ActionAid Chief Executive Girish Menon, comments on the Government’s Civil Society Partnership Review.

ActionAid 7 November 2016