UK prime minister Theresa May arrives at a summit

PM pledges 0.7% aid spending must serve UK’s interests

Theresa May announces that UK aid will be used to further private sector investment in Africa and to serve the UK's national security interests.

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International aid forms an important part of a complex set of international development interventions that aim to lift people out of poverty and support countries to become self-sustaining.

This hub brings together the most useful aid resources to support those wanting to stand up for aid, and it gathers the latest news and views about international aid.

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Aid resources

Veterans in Chad, Africa queueing for an ebola check
Do bilateral donors spend foreign aid to advance both their values and their interests? This index reveals bilateral donors' motives for aid-giving at a time of growing nationalism and global division.
12 November 2020
Distributing UK aid hygiene kits to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh
This paper outlines 15 principles for the new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to ensure it embraces opportunities for greater policy coherence across government and strategic action.
28 July 2020
Coherent and integrated solutions to collectively limit climate change, restore nature, and make our societies more equal and just.
5 June 2020
UK aid being unloaded off lorries to be put on the plane at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire
A summary of all of the UK aid spending pledges to help with the Covid-19 crisis.
17 April 2020
Our manifesto for the next government to commit to making the UK a proud global leader in international development.
4 November 2019
Politicians in UK parliament
Experts use their insights and experiences of parliamentary advocacy to breakdown how much British political parties support international development.
11 October 2019

Aid news and views from Bond

installation and assembly of a pump in Burkina Faso
21 July 2021
Transformation requires a deeper shift in the way we see the world and our role in it. It requires us to give up some of our power to enable communities to lead.
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab attends the UK-ASEAN Foreign Ministers meeting alongside, Dato Erywan, Brunei’s Foreign Minister at the International Convention Centre in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.
20 July 2021
The UK needs an international development strategy that is up to the challenges and informed by both the communities it will ultimately effect, as well as expertise of the development sector to ensure the strategy delivers for those who need it most.
13 July 2021
The government have won a parliamentary vote which confirms the government’s plan to reduce UK aid to 0.5% of GNI, until a set of fiscal conditions allow a return to 0.7% in the future.