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UK CSOs need mitigation strategies to survive a possible shortfall in EU annual funding as high as €356.9 million, shows Bond's new research.
19 July 2017
People walking quickly
Find out more about our party conference events this year, which will focus on the future of international development post Brexit.
13 September 2016
farmers in India
Given the uncertainty around the UK’s future relationship with the EU, and the knock-on effect on the farmers and workers in developing countries who rely on exports for their livelihoods, how do we make trade sustainable for vulnerable economies?
31 August 2016

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Syrians in need are waiting for actions not just kind words and promises

Rich countries meeting in London this week must commit to real changes that will improve the lives of millions of Syrians, said Bond member Oxfam.

Oxfam International 2 February 2016

British government makes U-turn over resettlement of Syrian children

Britain will take in some unaccompanied Syrian refugee children who are already in Europe, the government is to announce, and will set aside a new £10m fund to support vulnerable migrant children.

The Guardian 29 January 2016

The 'Mail on Sunday' is outraged we don't let migrants starve to death and sleep on the streets

The current migrant crisis in Calais and beyond is one in which there are no winners - truck drivers unable to do their jobs, holiday makers forced to cancel plans and over-stretched security services.

Huffington Post 2 August 2015