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Find out more about our party conference events this year, which will focus on the future of international development post Brexit.
13 September 2016
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Given the uncertainty around the UK’s future relationship with the EU, and the knock-on effect on the farmers and workers in developing countries who rely on exports for their livelihoods, how do we make trade sustainable for vulnerable economies?
31 August 2016
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During the final day of campaigning, we must encourage everyone to have their say and make sure our supporters consider the impact of their vote on tackling global challenges, says Bond's chief executive, Ben Jackson.
22 June 2016

Europe in brief

Brexit: likely impacts on development, aid and Oxfam

Duncan Green addresses the possible implications and opportunities Brexit could create for Oxfam and other UK-based International NGOs.

Oxfam 30 June 2016

Solution to the world's problems: Choose humanity

The United Nations Secretary-General is calling on world leaders to attend the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit. 

Los Angles Times 22 April 2016

European leaders told to keep aid for poor people, not hosting refugees

Millions of people in the developing world will suffer if governments use aid budgets to cover the costs of hosting refugees or to bankroll security policies, anti-poverty groups say.

The Guardian 16 February 2016