action/2015 is a global campaign movement made up of organisations, coalitions and partnerships from around the world that want to see concrete action and ambitious agreements to tackle the root causes of inequality, injustice, poverty, and climate change in 2015.

2015 is a generational opportunity for transformational change

How can I get involved?

Who's involved?

Globally almost 2,000 organisations in over 150 countries have joined action/2015. A UK Action Team has come together to convene campaign moments at key points over this important year.

The UK Action Team coalition is made up of representatives from over 90 different organisations, including:

Global Poverty Project
Save the Children
World Vision UK
Comic Relief
WaterAid UK
Restless Development

The story so far

Light the Way

Thousands of people across the globe gathered “under one sky” to light the way to a better future.


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Let's get quacking!

Campaigners, dressed as ducks, called on Chancellor George Osborne not to ‘duck his responsibilities’.

Don't duck your responsibilities

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