Partnering with Bond

We work with corporate partners to help eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice. We seek cross-sector partnerships to support the international development sector to meet current and future challenges through innovating, adapting and shared learning. 

What makes Bond stand out?

Bond has over 430 NGO members and has led the UK NGO sector for more than 24 years. As well as regular events, we hold an annual conference and International Development Awards, attended by over 1,000 UK and international delegates from across the sector, government and industry. 

We influence key parliamentary figures through regular meetings, parliamentary receptions, and sending joint letters from Bond’s membership. We reach approximately 40,000 individuals working in international development and humanitarian aid, including NGOs, think tanks, universities, networks and private sector organisations. These organisations contribute £5.4bn per year to the alleviation of global poverty.

We connect organisations through engaging events, working groups and online forums, where professionals can network, share expertise and work collaboratively to have a greater impact. 

We lead the international development sector, using the latest insights and drive cross-sector campaigns to defend international development (Proud of Aid, Make Poverty History). Our programmes build the financial resilience of NGOs in an uncertain funding context.

Bond's strategic partners

Our strategic partners work with us to help our members improve their financial sustainability, effectiveness and relevance. 

Become a Bond Strategic Partner 
We’ll work with you to develop a tailored mutually-beneficial partnership. Download our corporate partnership offer or contact Iona Stirling-Herbert at [email protected], to find out more. 

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