At Equal & Opposite (E&O), our objective is to make international development more effective by generating novel interactions and exchanges between specific individuals and organizations.

E&O strengthens fragile and often imperfectly understood (but always critically important) relationships between the various organizations, small and large, involved in international development. 

When displaying the results of these partnerships, we dispense with overused terms such as “the global poor”, and instead reveal the depth and richness of societies in all countries. 

E&O connects and engages. In doing so we hope to demonstrate a more innovative, dynamic, and cost-effective way of conducting international development cooperation. 


E&O comprises three closely interlinked functions: Agency, Network and Platform


We work with smaller grassroots NGOs, providing support in key areas through voluntary internships. Qualified interns are engaged to provide expertise, advice and practical support in such key areas as project proposal and report writing. Partner NGOs, often local organizations with superb ideas and potential but with little or no access to government or agency funding, can greatly increase their fund-raising capabilities and interactions with donors. 


Many small NGOs, often located in remote areas, have limited opportunity to learn from the experiences of counterparts in other regions or countries. E&O works to ensure that crucial development information – especially related to education, health or livelihood – is shared between organizations on a similar or parallel development trajectory. In facilitating this, E&O ensures that project reports, funding applications and strategic plans are shared, to everyone’s benefit; all learn from shared successes – and failures. 


The concept of “The Developing World” is often grossly oversimplified. Consequently, too many people have a fixed image of the problems of, and solutions to poverty. E&O describes and illustrates clearly and transparently the situations of its NGO partners. The general public can therefore have a clearer notion of the challenges and rewards of grassroots development, and engage with confidence in future partnerships. 


If you are a grassroots non-profit organisation anywhere in the world, and are seeking assistance to promote your work...

If you are a student interested in learning more about international development through a voluntary internship...

If you are a university department, think tank or other organisation involved in international development policy...

...please get in touch via [email protected] or the website www.eaofoundation.com