We are an NGO in Africa working in a very different way than most. We believe that development must come from within, not outside African communities. That it is Africans themselves who must determine Africa’s future, and that while international aid has provided much-needed support, it often falls short of enabling lasting change at grassroots level.

We want to change this, and our strong bonds with African communities mean we are uniquely placed to do so.

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Our work can be categorized in four ways, while our founding belief that the protection of the natural environment is integral to a thriving community cuts across everything we do.

  • Developing skills for life and work – Through formal and informal education and skills training, we give young people and adults the skills and knowledge they need to lead more productive and self-sufficient lives.
  • Providing humanitarian aid – When people’s needs are urgent, we are able to respond promptly and efficiently, very often using a form of aid we pioneered in East Africa – cash transfers. We also help people meet their food security and water needs, and support communities’ safe sanitation and hygiene practices.
  • Reinvigorating the economy – A strong community needs a strong local economy. We work to strengthen local economies and protect communities from future shocks.
  • Influencing policy – We advocate on behalf of the communities we work with, giving them a voice on a local and international stage, and ensuring their interests and concerns are considered at the highest level.

Adeso is a humanitarian and development organization that is changing the way people think about and deliver aid in Africa.


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