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IATI Resources

IATI: The International Aid Transparency Initiative

IATI: The International Aid Transparency Initiative

Resources for NGOs on the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) are centrally held on the IATI Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base is the central repository for information and support on IATI. There are sections covering a range of related issues, including one for NGOs.

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The for NGOs section includes:

  • Official DFID guidance on IATI for PPAs and CSCF / GPAF grantees and materials from Bond workshops
  • The Implementation Schedule template for NGOs
  • Guidance on which fields in the IATI Standard DFID requires its grantees (CSCF, GPAF and PPA) to complete, plus the 'gold standard' preferred additional level of disclosure (DFID requirements).
  • Five steps to becoming IATI compliant - an NGO-specific document on organisational process
  • On the path to transparency - a methodology for publishing IATI-compliant open data from Development Initiatives Poverty Research (DIPR) based on their experience of publishing IATI-compliant data, it covers issues from how to set up an internal working group for IATI to mapping data between internal systems
  • FAQs for DFID grantees (put together by DFID, IATI and Bond. If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQs please email Nicole Neumeister)
  • Guidance on developing an Open Information policy
  • Guidance on how to use automatic publication and conversion tools, such as AidStream and the CSV Conversion Tool

Other useful sections: