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A woman feeds her daughter

UNICEF and its partners expect to treat up to 394,000 children under five this year for severe malnutrition in Niger alone. Picture: UNICEF/Olivier Asselin.

A woman feeds her malnourished daughter

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April 2015

Comic Relief offer two-tiered funding grant
Funding opportunities for African development are set to continue for the next five years, courtesy of Comic Relief and the Department of International Development (DFID).

Tim Wainwright elected as chair of Bond Board
We’re pleased to announce that Tim Wainwright has been elected as chair of the Bond Board for a two-year term

UK meets aid promise while EU falls short
The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has released figures on how much overseas development assistance (ODA) is given by different countries. The data reveals that the UK has kept its promise to the poorest parts of the world in committing to spend 0.7% of country's Gross National Income on development programmes.

March 2015

Queen signs 0.7% aid commitment into law
The Queen today gave her assent to the International Development Bill, which guarantees the UK's commitment to overseas aid. The bill, now an act of parliament, was included in all three party manifestos in 2010 and sees the UK commit to continuing to spend 0.7% of its Gross National Income (GNI) on overseas aid.

UK budget: campaigners call for Tax Dodging Bill
Today UK chancellor George Osborne will deliver the final budget of parliament, and campaigners from the Tax Dodging Bill have been out in force calling for all parties tackle tax dodging and bring in billions of extra revenue to tackle poverty in the UK and developing countries.

EU civil society calls for ambitious framework
A new paper from CONCORD lays out recommendations for EU decision makers for an ambitious framework to finance the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

RESULT: 0.7% aid commitment enshrined in law
As the membership organisation for UK relief and development charities we are delighted that Lords turned out in force today to support the International Development (Official Development Assistance Target) Bill, which guarantees the UK's commitment to overseas aid.

International Women's Day: 2015 summits most important negotiations for women in history
As people across the globe celebrate International Women's Day, United Nations member states are in discussions that could prove to be the most important negotiations for women in history, according to the global citizens' movement action/2015

February 2015

Humanitarian exception proposed in response to Bond evidence to draft charities bill
The Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Draft Protection of Charities Bill has today published its report. In response to evidence by witnesses from the charity sector like Ben Jackson, Chief Executive of Bond, the Committee highlights the problems anti-terrorism legislation causes for charities working in conflict zones and proposes an exception for such charities.

Letter to political parties calling for repeal of the Lobbying Act
In a letter sent to the leaders of all parties represented in Westminster, Bond along with over 150 other organisations calls for a repeal of the Lobbying Act.

Germany should seize the moment – and reach 0.7
Ben Jackson delivers video message to conference on G7's role in international development.

‘Aid+ Action Plan’ needed to address global challenges
International charities welcome the Commons International Development Committee's report asking government departments to work together and called for an ‘Aid+ Action plan’ to to address global challenges.

January 2015

Gates and people power in 2015
Bond Chief Executive Ben Jackson has welcomed the optimism and ambition of the Gates Annual Letter, which sets out the foundation’s vision for the future of international development.

EU budget report
Today Bond launches a report on the EU budget 2014-2020 for NGOs. Taken together, the EU and its member states are the world's largest donor of official development assistance (ODA).

action/2015 launches
Desmond Tutu, Malala Yousafzai, Sting and Matt Damon are among the 31 celebrities and leaders who have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister on the launch day of the global action/2015 campaign.

67% of UK public wants aid to increase- New Poll
A new Eurobarometer survey revealed today that the number of people who are in favour of increasing development aid has gone up as 67% of the UK public think development aid should be increased – an increase of seven percentage points since 2013.

December 2014

European position on 2015 broadly welcomed
Bond Beyond 2015 UK group broadly welcomes the common EU position on a ‘transformative post-2015 development agenda’ adopted by member-states last week.

How will DFID spend its resources next year
DFID have published their updated operational plans for how they will spend their allocated resources in every country they work in. The operational plans set out to the public how DFID plans to deliver results across policy areas and explain why, and how, DFID is targeting its resources and what they expect to achieve. These plans cover the period up until March 2016.

First ever UK anti-corruption plan launched
Corruption costs developing countries billions every year, which means less money is available for the poorest people. This is why the Bond Anti-Corruption Group has welcomed the launch of the first ever cross-government plan for tackling corruption in the UK and abroad. However the long delay in its publication calls into question the extent of the government’s political will and priority on this important issue.

Secretary General’s post-2015 report released
The UN Secretary General has released his synthesis report The Road to Dignity by 2030: Ending Poverty, Transforming All Lives and Protecting the Planet, with a briefing for member states at the UN in New York.

MP's vote to enshrine the 0.7% aid target in law
As the membership organisation for 420 UK relief and development charities we are delighted that MPs turned out in force today to support Michael Moore MP's 0.7% aid bill, which guarantees the UK's commitment to overseas aid.

Survey on NGO cost recovery
Bond, Mango and Inside NGO are launching a new campaign on NGO cost recovery.

First UK disability framework
Bond's Disability and Development Group has been at the forefront of efforts to bring disability issues right to the heart of international development policies in the UK.

November 2014

Philip Hammond is misguided in his comments
A joint response from 21 of the largest international NGOs says Philip Hammond is misguided in his comments about the 0.7% Private Members Bill that is passing through Parliament.

Payment by results: what it means for UK NGOs
Bond’s new report – “Payment by Results: What it Means for UK NGOs” – sets out for the first time from an NGO perspective the different factors that NGOs need to consider in deciding whether to bid for and engage with PbR contracts.

Bond conference: today
More than 900 development professionals are due to converge on Westminster today for the Bond annual conference. Follow proceedings through the day on Twitter, Storify and on our website.

Bill Gates confirmed for Bond conference
Bill Gates, co-chair of the Gates Foundation, has confirmed that he will attend and speak at the Bond conference next week.

Joint response to ICAI corruption report
A joint response from Bond members to the Independent Commission on Aid Impact report on "DFID's Approach to Anti-Corruption and its Impact on the Poor".

Open letter to Neven Mimica
Bond's Chief Executive Ben Jackson has written an open letter to congratulate Neven Mimica, the new European Commissioner for Development.

Are you responding to Ebola?
Bond is launching today a new Ebola Response Hub to support the UK coordination of the Ebola response. The response hub will aim to be a one-stop shop for resources, latest media coverage and updates on sector activity around advocacy and policy, HR and operations.

October 2014

New course - Public Attitudes to Development
Are you a communicator, campaigner or fundraiser working for a Bond member organisation? Do you want to understand more about UK public attitudes to aid and development and what motivates people to take action in support of our causes?

Change the Record
Change the Record is part of Bond’s programme of work on public support. Based on six months of media analysis, audience focus groups and workshops with Bond members, Change the Record explores the reasons behind the fragility of UK public support for development and suggests how the development community can work together to build a more active and engaged public.

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