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DFID White Paper 2009


Bond response to the DFID White Paper

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New White Paper launched

On 6 July, 2009, Secretary of State for International Development Douglas Alexander launched the fourth White Paper "Building our Common Future". In his speech in Parliament, the Secretary of State stressed the enormous challenges developing countries are facing particularly in light of the global economic downturn and the climate crisis. Find press releases and other documents on the DFID website.

The Bond response

Bond welcomes the new DFID White Paper as part of the need to act effectively for poverty eradication and sustainable development on the related issues as they are now.

Nick Roseveare, Bond Chief Executive, says: "This new White Paper has the potential to provide important directions to the international development agenda ahead. We are pleased to see that DFID has acted on very many of the concerns of UK development NGOs and our partners."

"Now the focus must be on the implementation of the positive commitments. Bond and its members will engage with DFID on this as well as pushing the UK Government where, in our view, policy and practice still need to be improved to achieve the best outcomes."

DFID has achieved a great deal since its formation in 1997 and Bond congratulates the UK Government on its significant contribution to promoting very many leading development policies and high reaching goals.

The White Paper stresses the UK's contribution on the many challenges in development promoting long term change. However, the new White Paper is not as progressive as it could be and questions still remain about some of the fundamental change needed.

Bond members have mainly been positive, cautiously so in some regards, about Building our Common Future and the direction it is giving. Many issues which Bond raised in the consultation process have been addressed. Yet, now the challenge is to actively include these commitments into DFID's work and to link this new White Paper to previous strategies.


More Bond analysis on specific areas of the White Paper

Development policies

Partnership with civil society

Funding for civil society

European Union


Bond actively engaged in consultation and follow up

During the consultation process, Bond engaged with members on discussing the different themes on the White Paper and sent a detailed submission to DFID. Read more about the consultation process. 

Bond will now continue the dialogue with DFID on the delivery of the White Paper and the UK Government's policies and practice on development. We are also committed to reanimating the development agenda across British politics and civil society. 

Douglas Alexander presented the new White Paper to Bond members on 15 July giving members an opportunity to challenge him on key issues raised in the Bond submission. Read the newsstory of this event.


Reactions from some Bond members

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For any comments on the new White Paper or the Bond response, please get in touch with the Bond Advocacy team