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transparency, monitoring and evaluation and organisational structures

Our new effectiveness blog pulls together the latest writing about effective international development. The best authors in the sector will write about transparency, monitoring and evaluation and organisational structures.


  • Five good parenting tips for IATIAuthor: Sarah JohnsComments: 0Created: 16 Oct 2014

    2015 will be a pivotal year for IATI – the aid transparency initiative will be officially 7 years old. Like all proud parents, we've had ambitions for IATI since its birth at Accra in 2008. Not that it would grow up to be a scientist, but that it would revolutionise the way that we access and understand aid data. We dreamt that this would in turn increase donor accountability and drive demand from partner countries and their citizens for more and better information.

  • Transparency: is less more?Author: Michael O'DonnellComments: 0Created: 15 Oct 2014

    It seems to be the time of year that Transparency comes back onto the agenda.